Everyone has a phone

Inside or outdoors, Perk’s iBeacon technology allows retailers to engage people and see mobile devices.

In-store mobile marketing

Right person, right place, right time. Engage your shoppers positively on your app.

Mobile tracking and analytics

GSM tracking of every single phone. Analytics to improve operations, marketing, leasing and much more.
Perk Path Intelligence South Africa

Perk iBeacons

iBeacons and apps are taking the world by storm. Use our iBeacons, software, CMS and SDK to engage your customers.

Perk Bluetooth Low Energy


Install our hardware beacons and get estimated analytics on what is happening in your store. Dwell times, visitors and much more.



Super accurate insights from every single phone on your property. Improve operations, marketing, events and leasing.



Connect with and engage people who are on site and interested to hear from you. Use our hardware and API with your own app.

Your app popping up in your store!

Using either Perk’s iBeacon technology, you can now detect and engage your customers when they enter and move around your premises. This can be used for:

  • In-store and in-mall promotions, market research and wayfinding
  • Assisting passengers or people in stations and airports
  • Events spaces and convention centres
  • Notifications on museum or exhibition tours
  • Tourist engagement while walking around any area

The opportunities are endless and everything is measurable and can be tailored to the specific customer. Contact us today to find out how to enable your app.

  • Accurate 100%
  • Measurable 100%
  • Richness of content 90%

Amazing analytics of what is happening in your store

PerkView shows you how many people walk past, walk in, dwell times, how often they return and so much more!



Use Perk’s iBeacons (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology to communicate with shoppers on their phones while they are in your shop.

Mobile marketing


Install our beacons and obtain accurate analysis reports regarding what foot traffic is doing inside your store or mall.
Mobile tracking

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