Ever wondered what shoppers in your stores or in your mall are looking at on their phones while on your premises? With PerkDetect, they could be looking at your brand, your products and thinking about where to go next in your shopping space.

Our technology acts as a link between your mobile app and our hardware beacons. The beacons are placed strategically in your area, and when a person with your app on their phone enters the beacon’s range, they will be notified or engaged.

Don’t have an app? No problem! Perk has the necessary skills and expertise to build the mobile app you need on the platforms you require.

You can engage your clients and customers any way you want. Asking them a question (market research), showing them some information, giving them a special discount and directing them to a certain place are only four ways you can touch the shopping experience of those inside your store or mall.

Now you can talk to the right person in the right place at the right time, with PerkDetect.

What we do

Perk offers retailers, malls, airports and many other types of clients a way to engage shoppers on their phones, while in-store. We also offer mobile tracking and analytics to improve operations, marketing, events and leasing.

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