Mobile Wi-Fi and GSM tracking

Retailers, malls and stores can now receive analytics on exactly what happens in their tradable areas. By aggregating the mobile signals received within the area being covered, PerkView can show your business valuable statistics and figures on how you are performing and where you can improve.

Perk’s beacons constantly monitor the Wi-Fi band for any activity, and thereby pick up any smartphone with its Wi-Fi turned on that is within range. In shops and malls, as well as many other areas, Wi-Fi is becoming more and more pervasive, with penetration rates up to 90%. As such, sample sizes are more than adequate to

And if you believe your area doesn’t have enough smartphones or Wi-Fi enabled handsets, we offer Perk Path, which tracks any mobile signal via GSM. Any phone, every minute, provided it is turned on and connected to a cellular network.

For game-changing analytics that your competitors do not have, contact Perk today.

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Perk offers retailers, malls, airports and many other types of clients a way to engage shoppers on their phones, while in-store. We also offer mobile tracking and analytics to improve operations, marketing, events and leasing.

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